Julie Bowd

Julie Bowd has 16+ years of experience as a Specialist in Robotic Surgery Assisting, and is the most experienced da Vinci Robotics Assistant in the Southern Hemisphere, having performed over 4000 cases since 2004.

Having worked with all four daVinci Robotic Systems: the ‘Standard’, ‘S’, ‘Si’, and now the ‘Xi,’ ensures that Julie has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the expertise necessary to deal with the daVinci Robotic System at your bedside.

Julie has extensive experience with all of the surgical procedure types utilising the system. They include: Urological, Gynae/Gynaeoncolological, Oral, and General Abdominal surgical procedures.

Beyond this base Julie has, along with STU Robotics Surgeons, mentored beginner Robotics surgeons and their teams in starting their own Robotic surgery work in Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Julie’s aim is to ensure that your robotic surgical experience is carried out in as safe and caring an environment as possible.