Our surgeons take the time to explore every option to provide treatment tailored to your needs. We are here for you throughout your cancer journey.

Support before procedure

Second opinion discussions

The treatment of many prostate cancer cases may involve a choice from several treatment options. It is understandable that patients can face confusion over the choices available to them.

South Terrace Urology doctors offer evidence-based advice and treatment options delivered in ‘plain English’. Should you be seeking a second opinion regarding your case, you may contact South Terrace Urology for a fast track appointment.

Team input for the best possible plan

Medical Oncologist Doctor Chris Hocking from Adelaide Cancer Centre visits South Terrace Urology every four weeks. He is able to provide further care for those who need it, in an environment that is familiar to them.

The multi disciplinary team setting we offer through our broad range of experts is all about helping plan the best treatment for each patient.

Doctors are on call 24/7 and are supported by the St Andrew's Hospital Acute Assessment Clinic for emergency cases

Support following your procedure

South Terrace Urology offers a unique service – the expertise of Surgeons, Pathologists, Radiologists, Nurses and Physiotherapists.

Our approach helps patients to recover as completely as possible and minimizes the potential side effects of robotic laparoscopic surgery.

Sexual recovery

All doctors have expertise in sexual rehabilitation. South Terrace Urology has a practice nurse dedicated to ensure patients achieve the best outcome. Clinical Services Manager, Anne Fowler RN has extensive experience working with the STU surgeons.


We provide patients undergoing robotic prostatectomy with important information regarding catheter care and wound care. Our nurses are always ready to discuss all aspects of recuperation, and your own expectations.
You are welcome to contact us with any concerns you have. A specialist nurse is always available during office hours. You can rest assured that your doctor will always be notified of these issues.


After radical prostate surgery, men can experience problems with bladder control. This is because the ‘internal sphincter’ muscle at the base of the bladder, which helps to control urine flow, has to be removed with the prostate gland. The human body has a ‘back-up system’ – the ‘external sphincter’ and the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can be trained to take on a broader role in bladder control. Beginning this training prior to surgery can be very beneficial. Our physiotherapists at South Terrace Urology are experts in training the pelvic floor muscles.

Our Physiotherapy clinic – pre admission

This clinic provides an opportunity to see a nurse and physiotherapist during the same visit, a week or two before surgery. A one-hour physiotherapy appointment will normally provide you with information and training in pelvic floor exercise needed before surgery.

Patients are asked to bring along a 2-day ‘bladder diary’ to this appointment to help assess bladder function before surgery.

Physiotherapy after surgery

Normally, a follow up appointment is made for a 30-minute physiotherapy review one or two weeks after catheter removal. The catheter is usually in place for 7 days. Patients are asked to complete a ‘bladder and pad-weight diary’ and a questionnaire for this appointment. This helps us assess bladder control. An individual home exercise program is also provided so that each patient can continue with pelvic floor muscle training for the best possible results. The exercises can also assist with erectile function.